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  1. Company: AGRIIS Corp.

  2. Established: August 15, 2000.

  3. Website: www.agriis.co.kr

  4. Address
    .Head office : 567, Sinjang-ri Oga-myeon Yesan-gun Chungcheongnam-do Korea
    .Web design center : B/103, 397-4 Ssangyong Village Doryong-Dong Daejeon, Korea (in Daedeok Inno Polis)

  5. Business ID: 312-26-56182

  6. Online business ID: Yesan 236ho

  7. TEL: +82-41-333-3088~9
    FAX: +82-41-333-0444

  8. Mission Statement:
    At the new Internet world, let's go ahead of the time!

  9. Purpose of site:
    • Intlligent Information-sharing for farmers.
    • Selling and buying farm machinary at a proper price.

  10. The meaning of AGRIIS
    • AGRIIS means what agriculture is. It is the English compound word of AGRI(agricultural) and IS, the market place where we can get all information related to agriculture.

  11. About Us
    • AGRIIS is the comprehensive portal site company, established in 2000 to deal in farm machinary.
    • It is Korean largest online market that trades used farm machinary.
    • It operates 6,997units registered for sale, 31,337units traded, 30~40 one day registrations and 25~35 one day trades.
    • We run our own shopping mall which supplies 1851 quality products at affordable prices. Since 2009, We have been in charge of the world's leading BKT tyre nationwide online sales and offline distribution in Chungnam Province.
    • We have received much acclaim from farmers.
    • In addition, we are expanding items by going into partnership with the companies which make good products and have difficulty in finding a market.
    • We promises to satisfy customers with high quality service continuously.
    • Should you need further information or have any inquiry for our products and services, please feel free to contact us. (email : sales@agriis.co.kr)
      Thank you.

  12. Business area
    • Used farm machinary(equipment) market - 6,997units registered, 31,337units traded, 83Units registered today , 51Units traded today
    • Small farm machinery store - 1,352kinds: Small farm machinery store - 1,851 kinds: tires, battery charger, rice seed germination, LED Night Light, Seeder / Transplanter, herbicides. Granule spreaders, seedbed Conveyor / carrier, seedbed, vinyl covering machine, Mowers. Equipment for water route, aluminium ladders, sprayers / fertilizer spreaders, Hose reel, feed crops harvesters, cultivator, soil pulverizer, blower, high pressure sprayer, electronic scales, jujube plum harvest, bottom-up spray cart, water / sugar / salt meter, bellows conveyors, conveyor for loading and unloading, engine saw / chain saw / saw for prunning, rotavator(Rotary), power carts, water pump, ground crop harvester, drier for chilli / Harvest / mats, sorter for chestnut-persimmon-plum, agricultural chair, aluminium cart, haze / smoke / humidifier / prevention of epidemics, sweet potatoes cutting machine, fan heater, miniature tractors, construction machinery, agricultural instruments, rice-poloshing machine. Rice swipper, cutters / shredder, fruit grader, engine oil, tofu machine, protective clothing against pest / exterminator, safety equipment , Mowing, electric bicycle, wood pole installer, conventional farming tools, trimmer, threshing machine for bean/sesame, screener. selector, baler string / net / tong, frame for harvest sack, roller for brush cutter, blade for combine, brush cutter, ridging plow , fan, garlic selective cutting machines, automatic thresher, power tools, engine / generator, excavator / engine drills, etc.
    13. Map
    14. Catalogue

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